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Personal Brand Photography for Leading Entrepreneurs and Influencers



Take back your time and put aside your worries about constantly updating your Instagram feed.  Get three months worth of social media photos in one easy, stress-free photo session!

Photos are a huge influence in shaping people's emotions and first impressions of a brand.  


Make your photos stand out by using images that represent the real you, the authentic you, the you that your audience will relate to and want to connect with.

You don't want the same overused stock images that everyone else is using!

Time is your asset!

Your personal brand relies on a constant stream of new images being uploaded to your social media platforms.  How much time do you spend taking, editing and uploading selfies?  Wouldn't it be nice to have three months worth of professional photos ready to go at the click of a button?  You have better things to do with your time!








Why do you need Personal Brand Photography?


  • Real photos of the real you

  • No more stuffy head shots

  • Say good bye to stock photos

  • 3 months of photos from a one day photo shoot

  • A very fun, very cool photographer you can claim as your very own to work with you on a continual basis to provide consistency in your brand images


Maybe you're not a fan of having your picture taken.  Maybe it's because past photo shoots didn't represent you.  Maybe it's because past photographers tried to turn you into someone you weren't.  Your personal brand is about you; your style, your personality, your stories.  Let me help represent the real you in your photos.  

I only take a limited number of clients each year so that I can focus on building relationships, learning your business, gaining your trust, getting to know you and your brand so that I can help represent it in the best way possible.

Here's what a Personal Brand Photography session can look like

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I help entrepreneurs and online influencers build their personal brand with creative, authentic photography.

I want to work with clients that know the value of great photography and what it can do for their business.  As a business owner myself, I know the struggles of trying to make yourself stand out in an oversaturated market in a world where you have nanoseconds to make an impression before a swipe or a click and you're gone!  That's why I think Personal Brand Photography is such an important asset for the on-line entrepreneur.   Successful business owners recognize that people will connect with another person more than they'll ever connect with a big brand.  Your Personal Brand Photography will be the visual representations of your stories; the uncommon commonalities that will connect you to your audience and draw in more followers and create more conversions.  Don't give up on your dreams of building your business because you can't attract followers.  People want to do business with those they know, like, and trust.  It is my job to create images that will make people want to know you, like you and trust you!  Let's do this and let's do this now!  It's a big step to take, but there are plenty of people out there already seeing the benefits of Personal Brand Photography.  Why shouldn't you be one of them?

Hi! I'm Jennifer.

Jen is amazing!  She is a gifted photographer who really knows her stuff.  She made me feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the whole shoot, and I am thrilled with the results.  Highly recommended!


Author, blogger, podcaster

"We Turned Out OK"

I love working with Jenn. I tend to be awkward and don’t love being the center of attention. But she is so sweet and fun to be around, and she makes me feel at ease. 


Bully Mamma Brews

Sounds great, right?  Here's how it works!

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Contact Me

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We'll connect via video chat or in-person to go over the main details and see if we'd be a good fit for each other.

Step 3

Make it Official

We can start to plan your first photo session and sign the paperwork to make things official!

I am only booking 12 clients a year, so don't miss out!

Because the relationship between myself and my clients is so vitally important to knowing and telling their stories effectively, I limit the number of clients  I take on to be able to maintain that level of personal attention.  If this is something that interests you, please fill out the form below to request a consultation.

Prices for Personal Branding Sessions start at 

$3500 per session based on a yearly contract, 4 sessions per year.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing your stories!

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